That you can experience from your dog is uniquely special about us- The Dog Listener ConsultancyÑŽ The love and joy.

That you can experience from your dog is uniquely special about us- The Dog Listener ConsultancyÑŽ The love and joy.

so that you can have that fufilling relationship, your pet needs to be nurtured and taught to call home in harmony and joy together with individual pack, exactly like a child.

During the Dog Listener Consultancy, we think the easiest way to own an enriching life together with your dog is by interaction and cooperation , perhaps not control or training, and then we rise above fundamental dog obedience training.

Through our several years of hands-on rescue work, we now have gained experience that is much and rehabilitating dogs of most kinds of personalities. Our goal is always to make sure that your dog willingly and joyfully integrates to your family members environment, and understands and cooperates with all the social rules.

We do so without gimmicks and devices, so we expound a kind way to dog training. We don’t rely on choking or electrocuting your puppy into distribution or harsh punishment, but through strong leadership, positive reinforcement and sort modification, your puppy will willingly cooperate to you. While dogs have actually a fundamental pair of behavioural characteristics, no two dogs are alike. As a result, we treat every single dog as a cherished person.

At our classes and consultations, just what diffentiates us through the rest is that, on the top of learning the essential obedience methods, you will discover and use the all essential foundation axioms of Amichien Bondingâ„¢ that will anchor your dog to your relationship.

We think that dogs make our life much more meaningful and entire, and now we desire to assist you to build and attain a fufilling, happy and life that is enriching your pet.

Our Experts

Our resident Consultant / Trainer is Ricky Yeo , a certified Jan Fennell Dog Listener plus the president and creator of Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) , an animal welfare company. ( )

Ricky additionally acts regarding the AVA’s Panel for Accreditation of trainers (PADT) ( ST article 6th Aug ) , a body arranged to modify and enhance the criteria for the puppy Training industry, by accreditating other dog trainers and ensuring they have been qualified to instruct the syllabus defined by the panel. ( additional information only at that website link ).

Ricky cut their teeth helping stray and abandoned dogs, rehabilitating and domesticating them for use, and supplying help whenever adopters encounter behavioural problems.

With increased than ten years of rescue work under their gear, Ricky has received the initial and experience that is diverse of dogs of all of the kinds of characters.

Ricky’s advice and views on dog behavior, training and welfare, has additionally been constantly wanted and quoted in magazines, radio, publications along with other news. He’s got already been invited to talk on dog behavior and nourishment and has carried out workshops and seminars for schools on dog management and protocol.

Reinforcing this rich experience over the past ten years, Ricky graduated through the Jan Fennell puppy Listener Foundation & Advanced Course into the UK, which advocates the internationally acclaimed Amichien Bondingâ„¢ maxims ( ).

Ricky is also the key Trainer for venture ADORE, a course he initiated allowing medium size local cross breed dogs to be legitimately used in HDB flats under ASD.

Ricky can be the Dog Behavourist Consultant into the Straits occasions Life! Pet information column published on Saturdays where visitors pose concerns on dilemmas they face making use of their animals (Contents under Press Articles).

Together with expertise and experience, Ricky escort sites Irvine hopes to teach which help people who have effective and friendly way of interaction and cooperation with regards to dogs.

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