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The conversion kit runs $245, or the complete half rack can be purchased for $655+. The Rogue HR-2 is a half rack that can be purchased as a complete unit or as a conversion kit for a Monster Lite Squat Stand visit this webpage (theSML-1, SML-2, or SML-3). The footprint of the HR-2 is the same as it is for the SMLs; 48″ x 49″. The Valor is made with 11-gauge steel, comes with spotter arms, two hooks for storing your barbells, and has six 10″ plate horns for plate storage.

The squat stand on the left (the Rogue SML-2) has a footprint of 48″ x 49″ and sells for just over $600 with the spotter arms. The power rack on the right (Rogue RML-3) has a footprint of 30″ x 49″ and sells for $755. So while the power rack costs about $150 more, it does take up less space, is more stable when anchored, and has more accessory options.

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You don’t get the flip-down safety option and a few other random accessories that are only on the Monsters, but it’s just as much rack. Also you do get Westside on the RMLs which is nice. Every upright and cross-member will be it’s own piece.

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  • Others are choosing this device I tested, called Mirror.
  • If you are a gymnast that wants uneven bars, parallel bars, and horizontal bar at once, Nimble Sports 3-Play Bars offer it all to you in one set.
  • J-cups and spotter arms are welded in critical places.

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