How To: Hidden Tricks Inside Of Swipe Brick Breaker App For Phones You Didn’t Know Yet [Part 2].

Now that I see otherwise, I guess I’ll carry on . If you’d like, you can submit a screenshot of your score to the unofficial leaderboard. Oof, those are some really tough games to lose. As someone mentioned to me a while back, it seems that the high-score champion is the person who can keep their phone from resetting for the longest period. for various reasons I decided not to continue after ten rounds. I always terminate the game by then and record my high score at that moment.

This is great app by Arcade Game maker and in this game, you need to swipe fingers in order to aim and shoot the balls and you need to break all the bricks. It is game by Arcade Game maker and this game is most addictive brick breaker game in all over world. You need to use your brain and need to swipe balls in order to bring all the bricks. More you clear all bricks, better will be your score. This game will provide you hundreds of challengeable levels. It is playful brick breaker game and you can play this game for hours without getting bored.

Best Building Games Like Roblox & Minecraft 2021

Needless to say they were dissapointing times. After this calculation I’m done playing, my score is points 206 lives 39x(Level 8/34). Just to point out some facts, first of all a score of 2 billion is impossible because Brickbreaker can only reach a score of points. So if you can play 12hours a day it will not take you 300years but only 11years. This classic game is free to play and challenge your ball skills. Can you get Swipe Brick Breaker apk through all the levels and set the fastest time?

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Egyptian Ball

You have no idea just what’s going to pop up on every screen. Sometimes a level will be over in a flash because you got a good combination of abilities. Other times, it could take a good while before anything decent comes your way.

  • The gameplay has improved from before, making it even more fun.
  • Challenge yourself to choose the right route, deliver all Cargo in the right order and with the fastest time, only then you can call yourself CargoRush Master.
  • ⚽ Manage your team of eleven and unlock player formations to win championships without internet.
  • Ball Brick Star is also a brain challenging game you need to think the strategy to get the most power-up to create or beat your high score.
  • This is not a bad part of the popular Arkanoid game.
  • (This is extremely useful against the boss snake.) The nuke wipes the screen clean, awarding mega bonus points.
  • While Mario Forever may not be an official Nintendo game, the game mechanics and features are close to the original Super Mario games.

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