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Huberty et al. propose that high self-efficacy is particularly important for exercise adherence among women. Trost et al. note that men are more involved than women in physical activity, according to the research. Moreover, being overweight and/or obese consistently proves to be negatively associated with exercise adherence.

The name sends a clear, unequivocal message that the gym helps its customer reduce weight and maintain fitness. It also reinforces the brand value of crunching the body to grow more powerful muscles. The name has a rhythmic flow to it and resonates with its customers.

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The name is simple and has a nice flow in it. Ben Francis, the founder, creative juices must have been in overflow when this name idea hit. ‘Crunch’ literally means to reduce to smaller pieces.

  • You’ll find that our catalogue is filled with stylish yet durable gym gear, which will not only last you through gruelling workouts, but will also exude a cool sense of style outside of the gym.
  • With this name, consumers get a clear picture of what the company is offering.
  • It appears that easy access to exercise facilities enhances exercise adherence (Trost et al. 2002).
  • Rozelx is a pro Techie and quality view sharer.
  • Day 1 of using it, has all the features that I was looking for, I’ve had other smartwatches that have cost my 5 times the price and this one so far is THE BEST.
  • After all, this is a good guide, which is helpful for friends and relatives who are teachers around.
  • Psychological, Cognitive and Emotional Factors.

I think a lot of people are willing to publicize the preferential policies for teachers. After all, this is a good guide, which is helpful for friends and relatives who are teachers around. I hit your post by accident but am glad I did. I’m going to point my boss here for us to consider doing a teacher discount program for our business. Good list – and congratulations on making #1 Download fitpro APK for Android on google under “teacher discounts”.


Seguin et al. emphasize that there is a significant relationship between a personal training client’s exercise adherence and the trainer’s leadership style. Exercise leaders who are perceived to have a high mastery of exercise favorably influence client exercise adherence. Thus, fitness professionals may be esteemed role models for their clients . Numerous studies show that social support from a significant other or meaningful friend is highly associated with exercise adherence (Trost et al. 2002). For exercise professionals, partnering clients with an exercise buddy or within a workout group of supportive exercise enthusiasts routinely helps to build social-support networks. Additionally, small-group training, cardio clubs, boot camps and fitness workout camps are excellent programs for enhancing adherence in exercisers.

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